Product Questions

  • Are Melon goggles helmet compatible?

    In short, yes! We've yet to find a helmet that our goggles don't fit with! If for any reason you find that your goggles don't quite go with your helmet, we do offer free returns, so you can enjoy risk shopping :-)
  • Can parker snow lenses be used with the Parker MX?

    Yes they can! The Parker MX / MTB goggle cannot be used as a snow google due to the fact that it only has a single layer lens. This means that it super cold snowy conditions it will be likely to fog up. However, we do sell snow specific dual layer lenses for the Parker frame which can be purcha...
  • Does Melon make over the glasses (OTG) goggles?

    At this time we do not make OTG specific goggles. However, some of our goggles especially our larger frames such as the "Chief" model may work. Are goggles will also accomodate goggle glasses inserts which can be purchased from other providers online. If you want to try a pair of goggles out ...
  • Do you sell extra lenses for the Alleycat

    All Alleycat's have interchangeable lenses and come with a Zeiss low light lens included. If you want to grab some extra lenses, you can do so hereĀ and if you need just an extra low light lens, you can grab it here. Check out our article here on choosing the right lens šŸ¤˜
  • Do you sell replacement sunglasses lenses?

    We sell replacement lenses for all of our sunglasses. You can check out our whole range here
  • Do you sell tear offs or rip'n'roll systems?

    We sell tear offs and rip'n'roll kits for both our Parker and Diablo goggles and they are available here
  • What Alleycat lens is right for me? Our complete guide to choosing the right lens

    The Alleycat lens ratings are as follows: Low-Light = S0 (86% VLT) Amber = S2 (29% VLT) Violet Chrome = S2Ā  (25% VLT) Red Chrome = S2 (28% VLT) Silver Chrome = S3 (19% VLT) Smoke = S3 (19% VLT) The higher the category (and lower the VLT %) the more light the lens blocks, so an S2 lens...
  • What's The Difference Between Your Snow Goggles and MX / MTB Goggles? Why The Price Difference?

    The main difference here is that our bike goggles have a single layer lens whereas our snow goggles have a double layer lens, which stops the lens fogging in cold snowy climates. Without the double lens you're likely to not be able to see all the time as the lens will be prone to fogging. From a...
  • Where can I buy replacement MTB goggle lenses?

    I need of some new lenses? You can grab yourself a set in the links below: Parker MTB lenses Diablo MTB lensesĀ